How This CBT Technique Can Help You Win Over Your Inner Bully [Guest Post at The Mighty]

I’m a regular contributor at The Mighty, an organization that has been a source of comfort, support and endless resources for me over the last few years. I write there about the ways that mental illness and the pursuit of wellness weave through our family, marriage, parenting, and friendships. If you are also on this path, I know you’ll find encouragement and insight in their resources and community!

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“You’re so needy. Can’t you just deal with it? Do you really need to ruin every friendship by making it all about you and your issues? This is why nobody wants to hang out with you.”

“Are you seriously still hung up on this? Get over it!”

“You’re going to cancel again? Come on! Don’t blame it on your illness, we all know you’re just lazy and selfish. Pull yourself together.”

We would be shocked to hear anybody utter these words to a stranger, let alone a dear friend.

Yet, how many of us allow this kind of inner dialog to torment us day after day without relief? Why do we bully ourselves this way? What can we do to stop it?

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