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If you’ve found my little corner of the internet you might find yourself asking questions that draw quizzical looks from your faith community. You long for a kindred spirit on your journey out of evangelicalism or fundamentalist Christianity. Perhaps the faith rhythms that once made sense now feel stale, out of sync with your life and the questions that thrum at your core.

You’re not alone.

Some call this experience deconstruction. Saints of old sometimes called it a ‘Dark Night of Soul’. If you’ve followed your questions out the church doors and felt them slam on your heels, you know well the loneliness and confusion that follows. Where is God? What is God? Can I trust my own faith experiences? Why do I still long for old rhythms? What happens now?

If you’re a weathered traveler of this road or still squinting against the sun, you’re welcome here. In this space we ask our questions, we rage against injustice, we grieve, and we reach towards hope. We find new language for our encounters with the Divine. We learn to listen to the Spirit in us, shedding fear and dogma like the too-small clothes that they were. No longer confined, we open ourselves to the expansive love of God.

Whoever, whatever the divine is to you, you will find respect and gentleness here. I hope these glimpses into my own journey will offer comfort, and I can’t wait to hear your story too. As a spiritual director I offer companionship for the journey of faith, a safe and sacred space where we can hold the tension of grief and wonder, walking the path together.

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It’s rare to encounter such keen insight and tender leadership. My hours with Julianne have been refreshing, releasing, and renewing. Whether you encounter her in person or through Zoom, Julianne’s guidance will quickly become a treasured gift of breathing room and spiritual reflection. After decades of patriarchal imperatives of who’s right/wrong and in/out at church, I knew I needed a calming female presence to help me discern my own inner voice if my faith was to survive. Julianne has been that for me.

– Beth, Chicago IL

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